Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. I am very excited to have you stop by. I hope you find it interesting and learn something new from here. But if there’s something you are after and could not find, please, I’d love to know so I can improve on my work here. You can do so by contacting me here.

But what I want to do here is to let you into my world, so you can know me better.

I am a thought leader!

I believe that everyone has the potential to excel in their personal or corporate life tasks.

That statement is my greatest driving force in life. I don’t know about you. Why do I believe so? Because it does not make a difference who you are, what you do or have done in the past, where you live, where you are now in your life.

The only difference is in WHAT WE THINK, KNOW AND THE ACTIONS WE TAKE.

My mission is to lead the thought in this regards by instigating intentional excellence in my audience. My promise to you is that I will use this blog to inspire and encourage you to become that excellent person you’ve always desired to be in your personal and corporate life, as a writer or non-writer.

In the past years, I have been inspiring people across the country to live a life of excellence. I also lead a movement called SuccessConverge through a youth-led organisation, LifeExcel Resource Centre.

I am a writer, teacher and researcher!

Of course, I write. That is how and why you got here in the first place. My writing focuses on giving insights for living. Here, I discuss passion, purpose and pursuit. I encourage and challenge your thinking pattern. I help shape your perspective.

Because I write, a major focus of this blog is to also help other writers like me to find inspiration and follow their passion with excellence. So, if you are a writer, you’re sure to be in the right place.

On the other side, I am deeply involved in research. Professionally, I am an Animal Scientist. My research has won me several young scientists award and travel grants. You can watch one of the award ceremonies here: http://bit.ly/AYSAward2011.

I use my research career story to challenge my audience to find their excellent self. As part of my profession, I teach Animal Science to University students. To me, that looks like the largest space for influencing the next generation. So, I also love my profession.

My promise!

I do not have another big promise to make than to just say I’ll show up! Because of you, I’ll always be here to give the little I can to help you find insights for living as a writer and as well as a non-writer. Yes, I’ll show up. That’s all.