Don’t Waste Your Pains How to handle painful situations

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Everyone living here on earth, at one time or the other, must have had one or more experiences with pain – the pain of losing a loved one, the pain of losing a job, the pain of missing out in an opportunity well prepared for, the pain of not meeting one’s expectation, the pain of a deteriorating health, the pain of failure…I can simply go on. And as long as we still exist in this mortal body, we will keep experiencing pain.

But you know what is more painful that experiencing any kind of pain? It is wasting your pains. Yes. Wasting your pains is one reason why we may remain in pains for a long time. And I think many people actually waste their pains.

At the same time, is there anything else we can do with our pains? In this episode, I tried to explain how we can benefit from our pains if we do not spend all of our time weeping over any painful situation in our lives. It is possible to get better and stronger from our pains. You can listen to the audio podcast below for the rest of the gist.

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