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Every writer desires productivity in his or her writing. But this is not usually the case. “I hate writing.” “Writing takes too much of my time.” I do not seem to finish all the writings I have started! I always stop at the middle of the project.” Have you ever sounded like any of these in the past? Yes, I have, and sometimes still do. As writers, we want to do what we love, finish them on time and feel good about them.

And I know many writers feel the same way too from time to time. But what I am come to understand is that with some tips and tricks, writing can be fun and very productive. Over the years, I have applied certain tips to help me write better and achieve more productivity in my writing. I want to share some of the tips with you in this post.

Tip 1. Switch off from social media

In today’s world on internet and connectivity, I have come to realize that one of the easiest ways to loss productivity is by spending much time on social media. We are all connected on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We can easily get distracted by the pings and the messages from those we are connected to on social media, and then, plus the urge to keep checking emails. Whenever, I want to write, first I do is to switch off my social media notifications until I have achieved as much writing as I have set in my goal for that time.

Tip 2. Avoid multi-tasking

I know that many writers are people who are multi-talented. The temptation therefore, is to try to do many things at the same time, especially we there is little time and yet so many things to do. While it is good to finish as many tasks as possible within a given time, this will surely reduce your writing productivity. The truth is that there is no way you will finish an excellent task when you are not focused on it. When you write. Give it you total attention.

Tip 3. Carry a notebook or note taking device with you

I would recommend a simple strategy I personally apply in my writing – carry a notebook with you at all times. Capture all your ideas in it, and collect snippets of dialog around you, and use it for your daily writing practice. You can use a digital notebook, or buy an attractive real notebook to handwrite your ideas.

This is important because you never know where your writing juices would be squeezed and you need to be ready at all times and at any where to capture everything at once, so you don’t forget it. You can then elaborate on each idea at your own time, after doing more study or research about each idea.

Tip 4. Read books and other stories

There’s no way to be a good and productive writer if you are not a good reader as well. Reading opens you up to the world of other writers. Apart from that, you get to learn from how other people write too. This may help you boost your writing skills without necessarily changing your writing interest.

Tip 5. Find your perfect spot

While you can write from anywhere, these places may be full of one kind of distraction or the other. This would probably limit your level of productivity. To enhance your writing productivity, it may be good to locate a spot at your home where you can always hideout, to think and write without any distractions.

Tip 6. Plan. Plan. Plan; then act

The power of planning can not be over-emphasised in the drive toward achieving productivity. You may need to initially mind map your writing and have all the components well planned out, one after the other and in their right sequence. Then affix completion time to each of them and ensure you work on them. It is important to also set goals for each component in your plan. It is known that setting goals can help increase your productivity.

Tip 7. Have your reader in mind

Remember that your ultimate goal – to help or entertain a specific person or audience. Give that audience a face and converse with them: what does he (or she) need and hope to achieve? Direct your writing to that person – not to a faceless mass – and you will focus more easily. The fact that you are writing with a specific person in mind eases the stress and inspires you to write and impact such audience positively with your writing.
These are not all you can do to enhance your productivity as a writer but at least, a good place to start from. To help you further, I have a post on 10 tools to help you with your productivity as well.


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