Finding Your Authentic Writing Voice How to stand out as a writer in a noisy world

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Besides, everything we face as writers, one key battle is that of  finding your authentic writing voice. Just like every coach, speaker, businessman, and so on, every writer, whether physical or online needs to find his or her authentic voice and reach his audience with that same voice.

Our voice is your unique message that you want to pass across to your unique audience. It is important to also understand that you are not sent to everyone and everyone will not hear your voice and follow. You may remember the statement by the greatest Jewish leader, Jesus, who once said something like “my sheep hear my voice and they follow the voice of a stranger they will not follow.”

To be a successful writer, you will have to find your voice. It is only through this that you will also find your audience. Remember, people only go to where their needs are met. If your blog does not meet their needs and speak the language that resonates with them, they will not listen.

So how do you find your authentic voice?

However, these are not very specific. So, just a few ideas on finding your specific and authentic voice:

Write from inside out: If you want to flow with your authentic voice, it must come from inside of what’s deposited in you. It has to flow from what you feel inside of you. Usually, the source of your voice comes from those things you do want to see in people’s life, eg mediocrity, a kind of sickness or shortfall, mistakes that cause them their destiny, etc or it may come from what you want to see increase in people’s life eg, health, success and excellence, business profit, motivated, sharing experience, spirituality, etc.

Most times, God puts in your heart a burden or message in a particular direction. Sometimes, it comes from your personal experience, sometimes, it may come from lessons you have learned over the years about a particular thing and you want to share with others. Sometimes, it may even be your current life story or situation but you feel would be helpful to someone.

Understand who’s your listener/reader/audience: Your audience is a key part to your voice. Because, no matter how great your voice is, it can only be relevant if there are people to speak to. Are you speaking to ladies or to men? Are you speaking to both? Are you speaking to the old or the young? Or are you speaking to both? Are you speaking to people struggling with their business or people already successful in business? Are you trying to encourage Christians or people struggling to become one? Are you speaking to people struggling with addictions and rough life? Are you speaking to people finding it hard to believe in themselves? Are trying to help people live a healthier life? Who are you speaking to?

Know your message: You need to understand that knowing your message is the key to standing out, if not you will speak life others. For example, everyone today claims to be a sort of a life coach, speaker, motivational expert and all that. But still, what makes others stand out is the niche they have created for themselves. Some reach you through anger management, leadership, business, family and relationship, personal development and empowerment, spiritual growth, etc. Your message cannot be all these at a time. You need to know yours and stick to it.

What need you are meeting: Are people testifying that you are blessing them? If you are just starting out, you may not have this experience. But by the time you go on for months and no one says to you of how you’ve been meeting their needs or blessing them, then you need to check if you are speaking your authentic voice, and if you are, you need to check if you are targeting the right audience.

Fulfilled and Happy: By the time you are done with a piece of writing on any topic of interest, do you personally enjoy it? Do you feel you are speaking first, to yourself? Do you feel fulfilled and happy even if there are no comments, knowing you’ve done your best?

If all these are in place in your writing life, then it is possible you have found your voice. If not, work on them.

My Question: Which of these are you okay with and which of them are you struggling with? Do you need any help? Leave a comment for me in the box.

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