Regaining Lost Focus: Proceed

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This audio podcast is the last episode in the series on ‘Regaining Lost Focus. In the past weeks, we have been looking at this topic. Let me give a quick recap of what we have talked about.

First we said that to succeed, there is need to maintain focus on our dreams and vision per time.

And that when we loss focus, we need to find a way to regain it. We can use a simple process – S.T.O.P, standing for STOP, THINK, ORGANISE (Reorganise), and PROCEED.

We mentioned that you will need to stop thinking about pleasing people, your worries and failures.

We also mentioned in the second step that we need to think of what is working and what is not and be sincere about them.

Then, we talked about organised or re-organising your life to reflect your values and priorities.

So, in this episode, I concluded that if you are able to follow the 3 preceding steps, then all you need to do is to PROCEED with the new action plan developed from the process so far.


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