Regaining Lost Focus: Stop

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Last week, I introduced a topic on regaining lost focus. I mentioned the fact that we mostly start the year with great dreams, visions and goals, and how we go all the way to put ourselves out there in pursuit of those great aspirations for the year. I also mentioned that as we pursue our dreams, visions and goals for the year, we get to a point when we begin to loss focus, which as a matter of fact, is bound to happen because we dissipate a lot of energy and resources in those pursuits.

I went on to mention that if we must achieve any goal we must have set, then we must ensure to remain in focus with our pursuits. I attempted proffering a simple process that can help us to regain our lost focus using an acronym – S.T.O.P with each letter standing for STOP, THINK, ORGANISE OR RE-ORGANISE, and PROCEED respectively.

Today, in my audio podcast, I have discussed the first step in the process – STOP.

Basically, I talked about 3 things you need to stop doing if you must regain focus, and these are summarily,

1. Stop working yourself out
2. Stop trying to succeed in order to please people
3. Stop worrying about your failures.

The audio podcast is just about 3.5 minutes.

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